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About PHP versions

Zen Cart® v1.5.5 is designed for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, with MySQL 5.1 thru 5.7 and Apache 2.2/2.4

It is compatible with PHP 5.2.10 through PHP 7.0, for backward-compatibility while upgrading your site, but you should be using a newer version whenever possible. (Note: At the time of this release, PHP 5.5 is considered obsolete. You should be using PHP 5.6 or greater by now.)

Upgrade Instructions

This document only mentions the actual changes specific to v1.5.5 since v1.5.4.

From v1.5.4

Simple: if you are using v1.5.4 already and have not customized any of the files listed in the changed_files-v1-5-5.html document, then simply replace those files with the new files as listed.

If you HAVE customized or altered certain files, simply re-do your customizations in the new version of those particular files by making the same changes needed.

If you are using Addons/Plugins that have made alterations to those files, it is best to compare those changed files against the original Zen Cart files for the version those plugins were built for, and see what changes were there ... and then re-build those changes in the v1.5.5 file.

To v1.5.5 from v1.5.3 or older

If you are upgrading from a version OLDER than v1.5.4, then please do a standard site upgrade. Be sure to review all the links in this article, including tips on staging the upgrade in a separate directory/folder.

CHANGELOG - List of Changed Files

For a list of files that have been changed since v1.5.4, see the changed_files-v1-5-5.html document.

Important Note about configure.php files!

The contents of configure.php have changed (to be simplified) ... and they're MUCH SMALLER now!
The dist-configure.php shows the simplified contents, and zc_install will generate the leaner files (when doing fresh installs).
Also, zc_install will upgrade your configure.php files to the new format as long as the files are writable by your server's PHP.


While Zen Cart® v1.5.5 contains a newer "responsive_classic" template, we STRONGLY recommend that upgraders first upgrade the site using everything (including template_default) except the responsive_classic template contents.

Then once the upgraded site is working properly you can consider what changes you might want to make to your own active template.

(Important notes about template_default are shown below)

AGAIN: The responsive_classic template should NOT be implemented immediately as part of an upgrade; it should be a separate step ... if it is even used at all. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE responsive_classic ON YOUR EXISTING SITE, AND YOU SHOULD UPGRADE THE REST OF YOUR SITE FIRST BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CONVERT/ADAPT IT TO YOUR USE.

Notes about changes to template_default


In Zen Cart the template_default directory contains the master copy of all storefront page templates. The normal procedure for customizing template files for use in your own personalized template is to make a copy of the corresponding file from template_default, put it into your own template folder (and matching folder structure), and make your customizations in that copy of the file. This way the only files you need in your personalized template folder are those that you have altered in some way from template_default.

With that explained, it is important that whenever you upgrade your site, you should also inspect ALL the template_default files to determine which changes in those files need to be replicated in your customized files.
Often a tool like Beyond Compare or Araxis Merge or GnuDiff can be helpful for this. The process is simple: compare the template_default directory files from your *old* version against the template_default files in the *new) version, and use those results as a reference to copy those updated changes into each of the files you've customized in your custom/personalized template in your store.
Then, and only after you've done all those comparisons and updated your customized files in your custom template folder, you will copy the template_default files from the new version into the template_default directory of your store. This way you'll be left with updated personalized files *and* updated template_default files.

Changes in template_default for v1.5.5

The template_default files previously had a lot of old <table> markup to specify widths, cell borders and padding and spacing. These have been removed in v1.5.5 and relevant styles added to the bottom of the main stylesheet.css file. You will want to add the updated CSS parts to your own stylesheet if your custom template still uses those tables. (A few 3rd-party templates have aggressively ripped out various tables and may not be affected by this change.)

A few CSS changes were made in template_default to change IDs of repeating elements to be classes instead. Of note #cartDisplay is now .cartDisplay, and #cartImage is .cartImage

v1.5.5a vs v1.5.5

Since the first iteration of v1.5.5 on 17-March-2016, the following changes have been applied to become v1.5.5a ...

What's New ... Changes from v1.5.4 to v1.5.5

The most notable improvements and bugfixes in v1.5.5 since v1.5.4 include:

A very long detailed list of individual code changes can be viewed on github

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